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The premier threat hunting tool for post breach detection. Malware is often resident inside organizations for months, sometimes even years, before being detected.



UNDERSTAND your own data-security situation and then specifically PROTECT yourself against the risks that are genuinely relevant foryour organization.


Edge Scan

is a full-stack SaaS vulnerability management service which helps detect vulnerabilities in both web applications and hosting servers all alikes. A sample vendor in the Gartner



Automation assessment tool to audit an organisation security maturity , focused on “technology measures” as defined in ISO27001/GDPR.  A Microsoft EMS


iDealogic views on Cyber SecurityVTV24

If you compare with Europe, where Cyber Security has been matured, and business aware that they must invest to protect themselves. There are certain laws to enforce all European businesses worldwide regarding Cyber Security…

Microsoft, together with iDealogic

Businesses are vulnerable to cyber crimes because of outdated technologies, lack of maintenance and very slow in threats detections on time…

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The cyber battles is almost intense as the world battles just a litte undercover so you cant really see it . Stay with us for the latest update on the Cyber World’s situation

Mức thiệt hại do virus tấn công ở Việt Nam đã đạt kỷ lục lên tới 12.300 tỷ đồng

Năm 2017, thiệt hại do virus máy tính gây ra đối với người dùng Việt Nam đã lên tới 12.300 tỷ đồng, tương đương 540 triệu USD, vượt xa mốc[…]

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December 28, 2017 0

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to our partners, customers and to all CS experts

Dear All, Congratulation to all of us because the craziest Cyber Year is going to pass. Even the worse battles has come but it never beats us down. Even how[…]

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December 22, 2017 0
Smart Cities , Smart Security

5 bước đi thông minh của An ninh mạng | Đô Thị Thông Minh

Các thành phố trong tương lai có thể rất thông minh và hiện đại – nhưng liệu họ có an toàn không? Khi các trung tâm đô thị tiếp tục[…]

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December 11, 2017 0

What our clients say

“The Infocyte team has a storied history and deep domain knowledge gained from their time in national defense,”

“We are excited to partner with them in their ambitions to bring advanced threat detection to a wider audience.”
Venu Shamapant
General Partner, LiveOak Venture Partners

“With EgoSecure the management of open ports and devices has become a child’s play. It’s never been easier to release new devices in a closed environment. Operation is intuitive and support is always helpful – no matter how difficult the problem is. We have been using EgoSecure for 4 years and have never been disappointed. We are looking forward to the ongoing development of the software.”

Timo Jöhnk;
System administration

“To complete a full evaluation internally without Infocyte HUNT, we would require two additional staff and over a month to evaluate our network and servers. With Infocyte’s methodology and hunt technology, we had a cost-effective solution in place that in a matter of days gave us the reassurance that our systems weren’t compromised.”

Keith Messner
CEO at Cybriant

1 trillion dollars US Bank Infocyte Project

Check it out

US National Public Transportation – Malware Free Confirmed By Infocyte


10 years of fighting against crimes for both Saarland Polices and Egosecure


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