Chris Gerrits – US Cyber Soilder , the father of Infocyte

Chris Gerrits , the 10 intense years of US Cyber Battle is never over with Christ , after came home he continue his battles with Infocyte – a cyber threat hunter

Reports of network intrusions have spiked in recent years resulting in millions in financial loses, theft of intellectual property, and exposure of customer information. The groups responsible for these high profile attacks are organized and can persist in your organization’s endpoints without detection for months, sometimes years.
It’s clear that current real-time security processes are simply ineffective at detecting post breach activity, especially as time passes after the initial compromise. Don’t wait for your customers or the authorities to tell you that you are the victim of a cyberattack. Simply layering on increasing numbers of defensive tools does not deliver total security. You need to proactively hunt for hidden threats that have bypassed these defenses to fully protect your organization.
Infocyte HUNT provides an easy-to-use, yet powerful solution to limit risk and eliminate dwell time by enabling an organization’s own IT and security professionals to proactively discover malware and persistent threats, active or dormant, that have successfully breached existing defenses and established a beachhead within your network.





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