An Underworld Cyber Investigation Department is going to battle field – Proudly introduced by Europol EC3

The European Cybercrime Center – EC3 under Europol organization will soon launch a new force accident respond department, with the mission of investigating the “Underworld cyber battles”

Europol Cybercrime Center EC3


EU is currently the region with the highest density of Internet connections as well as the world’s largest bank transaction frequency. With increasing bandwidth speeds, cyber security plays a “critical” role in the overall security of the alliance

EC3 center was officially established by Europol on 11 Jan ,2014 in the Dutch capital La Haye. So far, EC3 branches have been present in several European Union (EU) Member states to coordinate activities and share information in anti-cybercrime activities.

In recent years, nearly 100,000 computers and 2 million users have been victims of cybercrime. Therefore, the need of the establishment of anti-cybercrime tools will be one of priorities during Bulgaria’s rotating presidency in the coming time.

Speaking on the forums stage, Mr. Miklko Berner – the Bulgarian Deputy Interior Minister emphasized the organization of such a unique unit to meet the urgent needs of cyber-attack situation and the development of cyber-crime organization into public and private sectors. This unit will be prioritized on human resources as well as equipment with the most advanced technology, with the maximum support in the databased of member countries.

According to VNA reporter in Rome on 3rd Nov , Director Wilson made the statement at the 4th forum on cybersecurity and cybercrime in southeastern Europe in Sofia – the capital of Bulgaria , recently.

Director of the EC3 of the European Police Organization, Steven Wilson , said the organization would soon launch a new force department to investigate “the underworld cyber”

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