iDeaLogic Cyber Security is proud to be the co-sponsor of the Information Security Event Vnisa 2017

The 10th Vietnam Information Security Day with the topic “Intelligent Security in the Connected World” by the Department of Information and Communication of Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City and Vietnam Information Security Association Southern Branch (VNISA South) co-organized the opening ceremony this morning 23/11 in Ho Chi Minh City.

Inside the conference of Vinisa Vietnam 2017

Understand the importance of Safety and Information Security Day to governments, businesses and users in Vietnam. iDeaLogic Cyber ​​Security is proud to be the co-sponsor of this year’s most important event of the field. We brought our four latest and exclusive products in Southeast Asia on Network Security for government and enterprise systems. We warmly celebrated the event to be successfully and also keep our spirit for the next Information Security Day in November 2018.

In 2017 , the Information Security Day takes place in the context of the world is entering the industrial 4.0 era. In other words, it is the beginning of the era of intelligence  products, applications, smart services and smart service ecosystems. In this context, ensuring information security will face great challenges and must be transformed to match the development trend in the Information Security sector. Information security must also be based on “smart technology” that can meet the needs of economy development. That is also the main theme of Vietnam Telecommunication Day 2017: “Smart security in the new connection world.”

From the left to the right , Mr Pham Tran Anh – Director of Microsoft’s partnership , Mr Paul Dols – Chairman of iDeaLogic , Mr Tran Ngoc Duong- Director of VNCERT . Mr Pham Tuan Anh- Sales Director of Idealogic

Morning session of the event was a discussion among Vietnam government leaders and information security experts with the topic “Smart Cities, Intelligence Security”. However, “Intelligence Security” is the solution and guide for the development and distribution of our products, recently.

How do the “Smart Security” solutions that providing by iDeaLogic differ from other solutions?

“Smart security” is not a product, not a solution or just a definition. Smart Security is a complete system (automated or semi-automated) that includes many elements, tools, people, solutions combined to serve the purpose of protecting the organization from external threats. and within, as well as processes, policies and tools designed to collect and analyze that information.

Smart security must focus on the following functions: “planning & management”, “defense”, “detection and quick response”, and “human” function.

At the moment, we focus all our resources and energies on “Detection & Quick Response” and “Planning & Management” rather on “Defense.” Many businesses mistakenly believe that if their system has anti-virus installed and they are safe and that misunderstanding has lead to resulted of Vietnam being one of the most malware infected countries in the world.

QS CSAT – developed by the QS Solution- iDeaLogic’s headquater will perform the “planning & management” function for the internal system of the organization. CSAT evaluates the maturity of the organization system and it is a Microsoft EMS.

Infocyte is the solution and tool to “hunt” malicious code in the enterprise system – the product is written by three former cyber security officers in the United States Department of Defense.

Edgescan – a vulnerability-management tool developed and commissioned by IP-based “Pen-Test” drones to license and launch “emulator attacks” to detect and patch vulnerabilities.

Egosecure – a “defense” solution and data protection for businesses.

The 4 unique solutions that developed and distributed by iDeaLogic Vietnam

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