Why should we stop buying point solutions?

Through out Cyber Security history, whenever people thinks about upgrading/purchasing Cyber Security solutions. There are two common scenarios:

  • Search out for most comprehensive solutions
  • Make comparison
  • Purchase
  • Try to implement to your environment

Or a bit more careful

  • Define what you need – from memory, from experiences…
  • Then look out for most suitable solutions
  • Purchase
  • Try to implement to your environment

Well, as Tsun Tzu wrote in his book “The Art of War”, “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles”. Even the greatest IT manager could not know every details of what is happening inside his network, some don’t even know how many end points are being plugged to the network. Then how do you really know what you need?

The practical scenario should be

  • Identify your assets, make groups of components for their functions
  • Make plans of how should you protect each component
  • Execute the plan, not just buying solutions somewhere

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