SAM Agreement with Microsoft!!!

iDealogic is pleased to announce that it has made the Cyber Security Assessment Tool (CSAT) free of charge for companies in the Microsoft SAM Managed Service Program (MSP). The tool is one of several benefits of the SAM Managed Service Program.

“By providing fact-based information on the security status of the customer’s infrastructure and recommendations for action, the CSAT enables SAM Managed Service Providers to provide a high-value service to their customers.” Paul Dols | CEO at QS solutions

“With the CSAT, the time you spend on Cybersecurity analysis for your customer is shortened and it increases the value you deliver. It’s a very good solution to collect relevant security data for use in your SAM Managed Service offering,” Jackie Carriker | Director Worldwide SAM & Compliance at Microsoft Corp

In the old days, SAM assessment was used to identify compliance of an organisation to Microsoft, but Nowadays, Microsoft do not care much on the licenses anymore, instead, they will give you more insight views of your infrastructure and provide a fact-based report on how you could improve your securities.

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