How to control your digitization – Softline event 13/9 HCM

On 13/9/2018, iDealogic has got a chance to attend the conference for business leaders in Ho Chi Minh city regarding managing digital assets and how to improve yourself through digitization?

It was first started with a presentation about Softline businesses globally by Mr Trung, Softline Vietnam Sales Director.

Then an interesting topic about controlling power BI, a powerful tool to make business decisions.

After the break, there was a topic about digital migration and how Microsoft solutions could help by Mr Nhựt, Opus CEO

Last but not least, of course, a topic about Cyber Security represented by iDealogic Business Development Lead, Mr Tuan Anh Pham

At the end, the event has given the attendees knowledge on what should they do to control their digitization, it has to be secured too.

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