What our clients say

“The Infocyte team has a storied history and deep domain knowledge gained from their time in national defense. We are excited to partner with them in their ambitions to bring advanced threat detection to a wider audience. ”

“With EgoSecure the management of open ports and devices has become a child’s play. It’s never been easier to release new devices in a closed environment. Operation is intuitive and support is always helpful – no matter how difficult the problem is. We have been using EgoSecure for 4 years and have never been disappointed. We are looking forward to the ongoing development of the software.”

-Timo Jöhnk, System administration

“To complete a full evaluation internally without Infocyte HUNT, we would require two additional staff and over a month to evaluate our network and servers. With Infocyte’s methodology and hunt technology, we had a cost-effective solution in place that in a matter of days gave us the reassurance that our systems weren’t compromised.”

-Keith Messner, CEO at Cybriant

iDealogic views on Cyber Security VTV24

If you compare with Europe, where Cyber Security has been matured, and business aware that they must invest to protect themselves. There are certain laws to enforce all European businesses worldwide regarding Cyber Security…

Comparex fully supports CSAT

Together with iDealogic’s tool, Comparex is bringing new great values to their customers…

Data Protection and Solutions for Enterprises

iDealogic, incorporated with Microsoft and SHTP, held a cyber security seminar highlighting the recent attacks and how to protect your organization against the rising threats of hacking and data manipulation.

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